Perhaps this should be the starting grounds for identifying the demand, not statistics from 2004 when MySpace was exploding, and people were still living in their tiny worlds (today, we all want to be Mark Twain again like in the 70s, not Eminem n Marylin Manson like in the Y2K). Grande Prairie Volkswagen 11425 104 Ave Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0N7 Therefore, people in the majority would rather go for something bigger, if they’re looking for RVs.”. That's laughable…Every blonde haired, silicon altered mom living in the yuppy housing plan next to my farm would buy this thing tomorrow to run to town and look oh so extra adorable (right?) What do you all have to loose?? That’s millions of potential buyers. . It’s only sold with a TDI engine which may not be smog legal and certainly isn’t going to be a commercial success in the US. Used Eurovan campers with the Westphalia conversion are going for $40K here in Colorado with 150K miles on them. Will you send me the details of how you know that? Sep 14, 2017. By American standards, I'm poor. The Volkswagen Grand California is the latest version of the VW California camper. That’s an interesting point. For comparison, here are some of the brands that sold fewer than 200,000 vehicles in the US last year: No. Throw some tires on there and you’re set. The past 5 years we have a bad fire season every summer in California. I’m an ex Eurovan owner and moved to a sprinter van, when my VW died. Thanks Robin. I am very disappointed in VW! Volkswagen RVs For Sale in California: 4 RVs Near You - Find Volkswagen RVs on RV Trader. ), then immediately follow up with, “My F-250 would eat those for lunch…”. I’ve emailed the folks at VW a handful of time over the years telling them that they are missing the boat– I think there is more than enough demand here is the states to sustain the market for these vans in the $50-80k price range. Well this article didn’t age well. I just can’t understand why they won’t bring it to the USA. I will be happy to go back to buying my VW vehicles when VW brings Surely a European car, especially from Germany, would meet US standards? My down jacket was $380. Shoot him an email and let him know your thoughts on the matter. Very nice looking. the Rialto is an eyesore or should I say a quite generic styled van so, why not bring back the delicious super functional vw California van and watch it take off?? Volkswagen equips the Grand California with the highest-tech driving features that it has to offer. I am curious, whether you know this or not, if there are tarfiffs, anything needing to be done to align with EPA standards or anything else legal. My UL down quilt cost me $250. VW Needs to produce a basic cargo version of this van, and produce it in the U.S. to keep the price down. (Maybe on paper). <–BOOM. It is ridiculous that we are held hostage by our own government regulations. It’s a wasteful attitude. Every single one of em. I have some connections out there that are assisting with this. However, the XXL model is much better, stronger and it gives good handling. Oh, yeah I do: I wish Buhlmann had done his homework, like, for one day, so I could buy this perfect van. 19 Photos. “Torquey”? I think of this all the time when I see 5 people get into a VW estate wagon when I’m in Europe . Three percent? Long story short: unless VW were able to also sell the full range of other Transporters in the US, reengineering just the California and creating a support system for it would be ridiculously expensive. VW Grand California 2019 Interior, Release Date, Changes, Price – Whether at the house or on a break: VW Grand California 2019 is the best journey and free time vehicle in which you feel proper at a residence just about anyplace. The inside is styled out in wood and aluminum trim, which sounds like something out of a hipster farm-to-table restaurant, but looks clean and appropriate here. It will be unveiled at the Caravan Fair in Germany and launched in early 2019. There is also the issue of Diesel engines. Speak for yourself—any of my 6 grandkids could afford it since they have good income and live with parents who don’t charge rent and buy all their food ; ). Shame on u VW!!!!! We have been waiting for a new van for so many years since there’s really no great replacement for a VW Rialto. I saw one the other day in Lee Vining, California. People who nowadays still drive a T2, T3, T4, you name ‘em – those vans that we used to have until the 2000s – most of them are enthusiasts that run these vehicles in perfect weather conditions. – Volvo: 98,786 vehicles If there’s any company that’s helped to shape the world’s preoccupation with camper vans, it’s Volkswagen.From the first “Splitty” bus in the 1940s to their best-selling California van, Volkswagen is an industry leader in figuring out how to build functional, well-priced campers for families.Today, the company announced the next van to join the VW lineup: the Grand California. Ever heard of the “chicken tax?” That adds a few grand to the price as well. Built for bigger adventures, the California has been an icon on the road since it first launched in 1988, the Grand California is the latest edition of freedom on wheels. I wonder what the owners of Marathon Oil, the Koch family, would explain the disparity? – Cadillac: 153,863 vehicles Had a little propane tank built onto the back. Specifications, equipment, options and prices are subject to change without notice. This would be a great way for VW to validate the market. Is this possible? Volkswagen California XXL Concept First Look VW designers pen a tiny house for the iGeneration. Yes, that was for a car that wasn’t even in production, and with a 3-year wait time. 'Americans Like Big, Small Thing Bad'. It is sad thst we have to make do with Ford, Chevy, and Mercedes conversions that start at $90k, and dont offer anything near what this little guy can do. The New Volkswagen Grand California Camper Van. Same $+ for a 4×4 conversion. Why couldn’t VW sell an add on package to meet requirements like dealers used to for other environmental upgrades 40 + years ago. Volkswagen presents its new motorhome, Grand California. Importing parts will take time but it’s not impossible and these vehicles usually just require like for like part replacements. VW has chose not to invest the money that it would take (apparently millions) to do the test to show that the vans meet those standards. The remarkable thing about the latest California Camper from VW is how little has changed, and yet how much. Oh, one more thing. How many would sell in the US? $50,000, no camper's market? I would be willing to do some research on this, if you don’t know. But i promised her i would have a new camper one day!! Someone else suggested that as well here on this thread. European or American models may be shown. VW hasn’t sold an original van in the US, since the Eurovan. It would bump VW’s total sales by 50%. Shall we point out the ludicrous asking price for the thousands of 30 yr old rigs with 100 lb batteries n generators with insulations and hoses crumbling to bits? ... 2021 Grand Design Solitude 310GK Blue Dog RV of Pasco - 54 mi. Buhlmann says that VW would need to sell 200,000 California vans for the product to be economically viable. Do you know if there are any cabinet parts available from the European California Ocean Camper so I might modify my 1999 VW Eurovan camper. Plenty of diesel mechanics around that can fix these. A night under the stars. The “California” name alone makes it seem as though Volkswagen is trolling us. Seems like they could get it to where they only need to sell 50K or even 10K vehicles to make a profitable. I woukd willingky sell my house and buy one of these as my full-time home but nooo – we can’t have anything that intelligent in America! I was told at my VW dealership that it would cost the VW company quite a lot of money to do the testing to verify that it meets our standards. VW did a superb job! – Land Rover: 92,143 vehicles Am I missing something? the vw eurovan sales in the us were nowhere near where they needed to be. – Tesla: 197,517 vehicles. That truly clears things up. I have been looking for years to find a way to import a new camper without paying the 150% plus the cost to get the van certified by NHTSA via RI. All of us Rialto owners have been waiting a long time. Frustrating, my guess is that it is part of a strategy to flood the US market with the all electric vw counter culture bus in 2022. looking forward to it but need a van NOW. It has a full kitchen, sleeping areas and a full built-in bathroom. We had 2 westfalias while i was growing up. Or just move to Europe. This means that with many of the niggling faults that complex new cars can have, owners complain of long repair times while dealers figure out what to do. Incredibly sad the California isn’t coming to the US and praying VW will change their mind. There is an RV market, true, but those RVs are much larger in size than what we currently offer. Americans really want to buy these van campers. I do believe they would sell, maybe not like hot cakes, but they would sell. I’ve currently got a new Diesel VW Caravelle 6.1 which has 4 wheel drive and an automatic DSG gerabox. 2020 Volkswagen Grand California 680 - Drive, Interior and Exterior. John. Asking for a friend…. You would sell north of 200,000 west of the Rockies alone. Look up 2. ♢ Limited time loyalty rate reduction available with finance purchase or lease of a new, unregistered 2020 e-Golf, through Volkswagen Finance, on approved credit, to all eligible current Volkswagen owners and their households and previous Volkswagen owners who returned a leased vehicle, or whose finance contract with Volkswagen Finance ended, within the past 90 days (some exceptions apply). As much, anyway. Buzz is cool looking but I don’t see it as a camper. He said that it costs beaucoup bucks to prove that vehicles pass our safety and emissions standards. While it’s not a VW – you might be better off looking at the Tofino built on a Ford platform, but largely the same layout. Definitely a market for these so I’ll be looking at how to import legally and satisfy emission regulations and any other legal problems. The most up-to-date 2019 VW California XXL Camper Van is according to the Crafter bus model. Sadly that won’t be happening , CaveVan can build you a Custom Eurovan or poptop Metris here in the USA. while doing it. My understanding is that the van hasn’t been tested to meet US standards and that is why it isn’t being sold here. So much for free trade. Over here, where everything is accessible, even for large RVs, there is just not this demand. There is a guy in Sebastapol CA who buys the innards of the Marco Polo and ships them over in a container in sets of 10. T ESTED1,968cc four-cylinder diesel turbo, eight-speed automatic gearbox, front … Trinh, who commented on 8/13, had the idea a California Pre-Order. Come on V.W.!! Making payments is one of the main reasons a lot of us have to get up in the morning LOL! Problem was we had no money…. In spite of the several positive … That rear bench seat reclines too. If so, how would one go about it? I can bring them in. Output 177 Horsepower / … They bought a rebadged Chrysler T&C, with a couple VW specific items, like MMI interface, but it was a $45k mini van. Point proven once again by Bulhmann's take on 2004 America in 2016 — or whenever the BLOODY interview was conducted. Surely, plenty of those people would pay $50-60 for a brand new, far better version that won’t break down. Lost my Mom 34 years ago to cancer. It’s called the “Tofino”. Come on man, use a real modifier. I wish there was a way to import it. The I.D. The all-new 2022 Golf R. Introducing the Volkswagen Taos, our all-new compact SUVW, Our Dealers are supporting communities during COVID-19, VW teamed up with Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers to tackle the sanitizer shortage, Get up to 3 months payments on us. There are smaller van conversions with pop tops available in the US. Part of the problem was nonexistent marketing and perhaps a misplaced need to own a Sprinter or nostalgia for a VW. But my estate might be stuck with a problem. Now more than ever, we understand the need to put people first: To give back to the communites in which we live and work. I was really hoping that this was to test the waters to see if there really was a strong demand for the product. Let’s put some context around that number. Volkswagen plans to officially launch the new Grand California later this month at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. We have just used to tour around Europe and it is an exceptional vehicle. A beach house, ski chalet and return ticket, all in one. The younger generation, want something smaller and affordable. We will guide you through the whole process of ordering and bringing home your new California. Good Article and good comments. Admittedly, it does lack the soul of a VW. MikeA. I would like to buy one over there, drive and store it for a few years and then bring it home. We are selling vans, very well-equipped vans with four-wheel-drive, with kitchenette, with everything that you want for prices of $50,000 and up, which is not where the market here is, or where the camping market is. Just got to ride in one in Taiwan, and I would spend $75k – $80k easy on this camper, and drive it daily for work, and then off we go on the weekends. Isn’t the real reason they’re not available in NA the chicken tax? Seriously. The folks at Jalopnik did a nice walkaround of last year’s model that’s more illustrative of what this van can do than the stock VW shots above. While 200,000 vehicles is only 1.2% of the US car market, that’s actually a lot of cars. As we already wrote, the newest VW California XXL Camper Van is the longer version of the popular California model. All of which is displayed and operated through a clean-looking display above the windshield. Cool looking unit, though. It’s a bullshit conspiracy, that or VW is absolutely nuts!! VW California, and is comparable in price. Although we endeavour to ensure that the information contained on the website is accurate, as errors may occur from time to time, customers should contact their local. I didn’t mean to imply they would sell 200,000 west of the Rockies in a single year, but that’s a fair assumption since I was making a comparison to the single-year sells disaster of <4,000. I am also disappointed the California is not available. This is a prime example of the vulgar and excessive state of mind in America. =D. I’d willingly part with my money for one of these whenever they decide to bring em stateside. Maybe even out of a salvaged vehicle with exterior body damage. The all-new Grand California motorhome is Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ latest addition to its proud story of building freedom on four wheels. The people that have the money will buy a decked out RV. But, Kevin, if you are able to import them, I would be an interested buyer. I’m not interested in the ID Buzz it doesn’t seems to offer the utility my Eurovan did. All my friends talk about either moving or getting one of these to be able to evacuate quick. And my kids would be thrilled to find this in their inheritance! Derived from the California XXL concept unveiled in 2017, the 2020 VW Grand California is a new motorhome that has all the equipment of a good camper. Gallery: 2020 Volkswagen Grand California: First Drive. The interactive map below pinpoints the exact locations for our featured dealerships in the UK. Frank Markus Words Manufacturer Photos. The Volkswagen Grand California is set to arrive in early 2019, confirming the official name and production details for the California XXL concept unveiled last year. Now, we have found the best deal on new Volkswagen Californias and commercial vehicles (on request). Besides the ingenious camper-friendly and no doubt camper-designed guts of this thing, there are two crucial bits of envy-inducing details to share: they all come with a 2.0-liter diesel engine, and you can have one with AWD. I’m sure a black market would spring up for resales But, would you be able to get it licensed to drive? 2021 Jayco Jay Feather 16RK Broadmoor RV SuperStore - 54 mi. Had the “demand” been there, more than 30 would have been converted. Check it out below. LOL I dunno why I just invested so much time in this rant. Our confidence is your assurance that a new Volkswagen will be a reliable, practical and fun addition to your daily life. Actually have people put money down and have skin in the game. Service? Introducing five-billion-star accommodation. It is very similar to the Millions of people will randomly join in when they see others doing so, let alone your measily 200,000 target for us actual campers/explorers. That’s a good plan for getting one here – I looked into it too. Hi Jeff, European VW van here. One of the most massive Campers Van on the market will probably be run with the 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine, that can develop 177 horsepower (130 kilowatts) and 302 pound-feet (410 Newton-yards) of … It’s like listening to a politician, doctor, judge, mechanic, window drapes salesman, etc. VW is promising the electric new bus, the “ID Buzz” will hit US dealers in 2022. Given the sad amount of time off Americans get in comparison to Europe they probably assumed not worth the bother. However, at least offer the opportunity for people to buy over there and bring over here to the US like some of the European auto brands offer to their customers. I’m guessing the market is too limited, and once the people that want them buy them, that will be it for sales. I think they know.. i think there’s some underlying conspiracy for there is no logic behind this reasoning.. Pleasure-way used the Dodge Ram van and basically ripped of the VW California layout. Now we're making claims this thing costs $80,000? My gear is B list, and probably obsolete at this point. SMB converted 30 to be sold for $65k+ at Nissan “commercial” dealerships. On Eurovan boards of which I’m a member, when people check out these vans while vacationing in Europe, the price with tax, destination fees, etc., is usually closer to It will be dropped off to be converted in October. Compact and driveability as anti-selling points? My expatriate daughter lives and works in Germany. Bet you VW regrets not coming to the US now lol. Since its inception in 1947, the VW Type II van has become the symbol for any wandering tribe of free-spirited individuals … Volkswagen RVs For Sale in California: 4 RVs Near You - Find Volkswagen RVs on RV Trader. Here it is and i cant buy it? – Porsche: 59,116 vehicles Don’t know why the article singled it out…, I just got back from road tripping through Europe… those California vans are everywhere and all I want is to sell my Honda Element and get one. We camped all over the west in that puppy. And and getting parts is going to require importing most items from Europe. Pop top? My first car was a VW Karman Ghia that we bought in Germany, drove it around Europe and shipped it back to the USA. I would buy a California tomorrow. $80K than $50K. Volkswagen Grand California 600 – facts, prices and specifications. I would love a new camper van. BRING THE $86,347 VW CALIFORNIA TO THE STATES, ALREADY! Same for V6 and V8.) I was stationed in Europe and had the military ship my European-made car home. 2019 Volkswagen Eos Convertible 2.0 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price – It may be a year in the entryways of the new model, but a constrained are used in 2019 Volkswagen Eos, with development, performing in a, generate in October. Only a very small portion of Americans actually travel within the US let aline abroad. Your email address will not be published. If we ever move there a van like this is definitely in the must have category. Looking at the price tag seems like Europeans are doing well. It’s possible to get one here. A lot of the bells and whistles in a van like the VW Cali are not necessary and a home build (if you/I can do it) is far cheaper and more specific to your personal needs. Aug. 8, 2018 1:38 p.m. PT. I will be buying one of these for myself and getting it shipped here. But people are climbing over each other to drop twice that on a Sprinter van, buying far, far more van than most actually need, and Mercedes isn’t complaining. The Volkswagen Grand California is finally here in production form. In 2003, the final year that VW imported the Eurovan to the US, less than 4,000 sold in the entire year! Because of their small market share, VW doesn’t think they can do it. Rubbish. You can actually use it to drive places instead of destinations. Both of these problems are solved by the super trendy n cyclically stylish (you don't even have to be a camper to want/drive one of these) VW California. I just got back from Czech and took a blip through Germany to Innsbruck while there for 3 weeks. Because of the success of the trip around Europe we’ve just placed an order for a new California Ocean 4 wheel drive camper. This doesn’t seem insurmountable? If that doesn’t work, one of my former students is now a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant stationed in Stuttgart. Volkswagen For those avid voyagers who think that the regular Volkswagen California camper van isn’t enough for their needs, there’s a new, even bigger VW pop-top called the Grand California. Either way I just got back fr om Czech Republic and Austria and there are a lot of these VWs on the road. This thing would sell like hotcakes in the US.

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