All Rights Reserved. Visitors to the Eames House, commonly on a beautiful Southern California day, are greeted first by the structure itself, a house design so different huddled between the trees and the green of the gardens. View our privacy policy. There is one eames 'thing' that doesn't stand with the rest, but rather proudly waits, inconspicuously sitting atop a beautiful vintage textile rug. The ornament had a standing height of 10.86” (27.6cm) which meant that is was practical to have it in any home or space due to its adaptable size. Charles and Ray Eames augmented the interior “collage” of the Eames House with numerous objects brought back from their extensive travels. They have all been debated, but nevertheless, as a product, we absolutely love it and love the fact that we can all now enjoy it and find a place for it in our own homes. Separated from the rest, yet positioned in the very center of things, one can only assume that this is something of great importance to its owner. Based on the original and, in collaboration with the Eames family, Vitra now produces the figure in series and with the Eames House Bird offers an elegant living accessory, and one … The Eames purportedly acquired the object while travelling and enjoying the Appalachian Mountains, a range that spans a host of states in the Eastern US including both Virginia's, Carolina's and Tennessee among others. ...It is contentious, it is debatable and has even been described as confusing by some. Donnez le la avec le House Bird noire d‘Eames Le House Bird original de Charles et Ray est placé à un endroit central de leur maison. Be the first to know about DWR special offers, new product launches, and Studio events. Made using black painted Adler wood, the re-creation was a perfectly sculptured form of the original and was made as an ornamental feature to be produced and made available en-masse to a worldwide marketplace. Made in Germany by Vitra Charles and Ray Eames augmented the interior "collage" of the Eames House with numerous objects brought back from their extensive travels. For the first time, this beautiful and simple 'eames thing' was available for everyone to enjoy, perhaps to be the center of attention in other homes across the world. Perdew was not the only one making bird decoys either, though his work has become synonymous with the craft. Charles and Ray Eames enriched the collage-like interior of their private home with numerous objects and accessories like the Eames House Bird that they brought back from their travels. Should artistic merit (or influence) be given, should the Eames name exist on the bird at all? The House Bird became a trademark prop in many Eames photographs, notably the famous publicity photo for the Eames Wire Chairs (bottom). The Eames House Bird in white. The American folk art-inspired design is crafted from laquered alder with steel legs. 8, more affectionately known as 'The Eames House'. Eames vintage furniture available, Your experience is not only a One of the most beloved decorative objects in the house of Charles and Ray Eames was a black, wooden bird known as the Eames House Bird. Let's turn our attention to the work of Charles Perdew (1874 to 1963) we can perhaps begin to understand one of the plausible alternative theories to the origin of the Eames House Bird. Charles and Ray Eames enriched the collage-like interior of their private home, the Eames House, with numerous objects and accessories that they brought back from their t The Eames House is awash with an eclectic collection of objects which are largely unique and almost entirely artistic. Each of them is unique, each of them handmade and each tells a story, and this is what makes them special. For over fifty years, the figure of a wooden bird has stood in the centre of the living room – an artefact of American folk art that was evidently highly treasured by the couple, since it also appeared frequently … The story of the Eames House Bird is less a story of Charles and Ray Eames and more one of Charles and Edna Perdew. An experiment in 2D and 3D animation on the life work of famous design duo, Ray and Charles Eames. A beautiful timeless object for every house. Dimensions . Perhaps it was the organic form, the simplicity of the idea, the quality of the craftsmanship, or possibly a combination of all three. The original black wooden bird is thought to have been created by Charles Perdew in approximately 1910. The Eames bird may still have been acquired in the Appalachian Mountains but there is also as good a chance it came from Illinois too. The original wooden bird was a piece of folk art from the Appalachian Mountains, which Charles and Ray Eames found on their journeys. The bird originally came from the Appalachian mountain region of the northeastern United States. Details. 8, the Eames House showing living area to the left. Visitors lucky enough to visit the Eames House, which today serves as a 'time stood still' museum, will hear the curated origins of this treasured blackbird. The bird is exquisite. The House bird will fit comfortably in any Eames-inspired home, alongside the iconic DSW chair, DSR Chair and the Eames … It is the perfect size to welcome guests into our home. This masterfully simplistic black bird (circa 1910) with tapered beak and sleek tail was one of their most prized objects of folk art. Perdew was born and lived in Henry, Illinois and together with his wife Edna, would become very well known for his (often intricate) carvings of birds, especially wild ducks. Also appearing in several of the Eameses’ photographs, the masterfully simp To artwork, ceiling hangings, textiles and curios, from solid wood carvings to tumbleweed. Published by Vitra. Whichever theory may hold the truth is likely lost to the annals of time, but it endures and is loved by all whom set eyes upon it, a true treasure of the Eames House. This husband-and-wife team's unique synergy led to a whole new look in furniture. Made of white lacquered solid alder wood with legs made of steel. The Eames House Bird rose to stardom in the 1950s when Charles and Ray Eames pulled it from their own living room and positioned it with a group of Eames® DKR chairs for a poster. The bird originally comes from the Appalachian Mountains in the north-east of the USA. One of the series Charles and Edna produced were ‘crow decoys’, black birds with wire legs, to be deployed in agricultural fields to ward off hungry invaders. Eames House Bird and DSR Chair Print - Retro Home Decor Poster - Eventually, everything connects. great one, but safe and secure too, Main building of Case Study House no. It is one thing to create a house so unique, so minimalist, but it is certainly another task to turn that house into a home. Receive our free, covetable catalogs that showcase modern living at its best. This 'thing' is of course what is affectionately known today as the Eames House Bird. Based on the original artifact and in cooperation with the Eames Family, Vitra produces the Eames House Bird in Germany. We'll work with you to make it right. You will receive our regular newsletter, offers and promotions to you. One of 26 'Case Study Houses' that became finished homes, the program was designed to fuse new and progressive architecture with real need for inexpensive housing in the post war USA. We’re sorry, this option is not available based on your previous selections. Design is for living. Standing at 10.86" (27.6 cm) high, the bird was the perfect size too, never too large nor too small for its purpose and was finished in an unassuming semi-matte finish, meant to give it an 'older' feel and closer resemblance to the original. Eames House Bird je již více než 50 let považován za designovou ikonu od designérů Charles a Ray Eames, kterou nyní najdeme v sortimentu prémiové značky Vitra. It is described as 'folk art', a handicraft hand carved from a single piece of wood. Though most tend to be in two pieces (with removable heads) one may see the striking resemblance between Perdew’s work and our Eames House Bird. The Eames House Bird is crafted from black lacquered alder wood and is a re-edition from Vitra of one of Charles and Ray Eames’s own possessions. Looks great on the bookshelf. What matters most is never the material, but the very souls of those whom reside in it, the people. The figure of a black wooden bird - evidently one of their most prized objects of American folk art - has stood in the center of their living room for over fifty years. It was a revolution of form, an exciting visual language that signaled a new age and a fresh start – and two of its prime movers were Charles and Ray Eames. The Eames house, Charles and Ray’s personal residence, was an emporium of great design and novelty objects. By giving us your email address you are agreeing to allow us to send you emails periodically. The construction was essentially two separate boxes, made from a combination of steel frame, glass, panels and a concrete base. A licensed reproduction of the House Bird created by Charles and Ray Eames for their private collection. Whilst we may never know the full extent of the work produced at the house studio, as opposed to the nearby Venice site of the original Eames Office, it is safe to say that a good degree of Charles and Ray Eames legacy was undoubtedly produced there. The Eames House Bird rose to stardom in the 1950s when Charles and Ray Eames pulled it from their own living room and positioned it with a group of Eames DKR chairs for a poster. Learn more about how we protect your personal data by viewing our Privacy Notice. Created with a limited worldwide number of only one thousand pieces, the Eames House Bird in Gold Leaf was born! The Eames House Bird rose to stardom in the 1950s when Charles and Ray Eames pulled it from their own living room and positioned it with a group of Eames DKR chairs for a poster. Beautifully functional. Be the first to know about DWR special offers, new product launches and Studio events. They frequently used the House Bird as a decorative object in photo shoots. Body of the Eames House Bird is made of solid alder wood with a black lacquer finish and balances on two steel wire legs. The vray and corona file comes with materials in place ready to render it. The bits and pieces that they collect, create, or change over time, are not just objects or indeed visual clues of wealth, but the legacy and reflection of those that wanted to be surrounded by them.

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